Jen Caughey  loves variety and seeks opportunities across a spectrum of business and product categories. Her passion for new and different experiences led her from her hometown of Boston to New Orleans, and ultimately to the culturally and creatively rich Los Angeles.

Over her twenty-plus years of broad-based design experience, Jen has collaborated on projects and led design initiatives across categories including hospitality, health and beauty, automotive, food & beverage, technology and finance for world-recognized brands including Lexus®, Lilly Pharmaceuticals®, Sony® Consumer Electronics, Ketel One® Vodka, Herbalife®, UCLA, Hewlett Packard® and Red Bull®, as well as numerous nonprofit organizations.

As Art Director, Jen thrives on creating authentic, optimistic and timeless brands. Regardless of the assignment, Jen consistently delivers targeted strategic and brand-appropriate creative solutions that create strong, meaningful connections with their audiences. She augments her fast-paced career with interests like yoga, meditation, and travel.