Founder and Chief Brand Strategist,

Christine Manlapeg

has over 20+ years of strategic marketing and brand management experience working in Los Angeles and San Francisco on major global brands such as Sony Entertainment®, P&G®, Disney® and Red Bull®. A true Native Californian, her inspirations come from travel, community and little joys.
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Art Director,

Jen Caughey

has over 20+ years of design and creative direction experience working on impressive brands, such as Lexus®, Red Bull®, Herbalife® and Urban Decay®. Migrating from Boston to New Orleans to her current home in Hermosa Beach, she finds inspiration in everything from the ordinary to the extraordinary.
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our support team

is a network of proven and talented copywriters, photographers, researchers, production artists, web developers and social marketers – located in Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York. We staff as-needed based on our clients’ unique project needs. This allows us to be nimble, deliver the very best results, while remaining cost effective for our clients.